3D Animation | Series | Comedy
Episodes: 60 episode
Duration per episode: 7 min (apx)
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Production Company:Meem Cultural Productions
Directed By: Saeid Zamani


What do you expect from a small farm in which five adventurous friends live in? 
Simply nothing in this farm “neither barns nor plantings” will stay in place. Our friends will spare nothing from being indulged in their adventures, and that simple place will turn into a planet of fun. So be ready for the strangest inventions as well as their consequences.
In a series of 60 episodes we will be introduced to tricks and inventions that differs by the mood and character of every one of our five friends, and the outcome will knock your socks off on how useful it might be for humanity.
So let us discover what our mischievous friends have hidden behind all this fun. 


  • Territories excluded from granting rights: MENA
  • Languages available: No dialogue – Graphics (Arabic, English)
  • Agreements signed before for distributing on Non–Exclusive basis: 2 agreements signed



“Daghfoul”, the small clumsy elephant, lives in the “friends forest” with his parent's little sister “Foula”.<...

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In a forest full of trees and shadows, the sun sends its love and warmth among the branches to the people of the one thousand trees forest.

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How Things Happen

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Art Professor

A nice TV series, for children. Through which Mr Art introduce creative ideas to benefit from home daily wastes in order to create nice and useful ...

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What do you expect from a small farm in which five adventurous friends live in? 
Simply nothing in this farm “neither barns nor p...

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Two little cute brother and sister living fun stories with their nice toys. In each story, they try to find their solution with the help of their toys...

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Two neighbors that just cannot stand each other. When they are not trying to sabotage each other’s plans, they are usually plotting to get reven...

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Puzzel 60 pcs

Set of puzzle games consists of Installation 60 pieces in medium size made of cardboard and suitable for age groups 3 years and above.

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